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Gelato Shop South & North

  • Address:3-13-26 Mekaru, Naha, Okinawa 900-0004
  • TEL:098-861-3730 / FAX:098-943-9600
  • Hours:11:30~19:00
  • Closed:Wednesday(Open during public holidays)
  • Parking :Yes
Okinawa is a treasure box of ingredients. While gathering the best fruits and vegetables from all over the Ryukyu Islands, we also try to stay away from chemicals such as pesticides as much as possible.
Since Gelato has less fat than normal ice cream, it depends more on flavoring, aroma and texture.
The making of Gelato changes drastically depending on type, but we always try to make healthy and tasty Gelato.
Except for the standard ingredients, we also try to add Okinawan tradition, culture and history by using ingredients also used in traditional Okinawan candy.

If you want a taste of Okinawan tradition, culture and history, try Okinawa Gelato!
〒900-0004 沖縄県那覇市銘刈3-13-26 電話:098-861-3730 FAX:098-943-9600